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Vision / Mission


Specialized in medico-sanitary instruments, Diapath S.p.A. is a leader company in distributing nationwide its own products or those ones of the main international field companies.
The productive effort is steered into European market for some years too.
The marketed high tech products are intended for the medical sector of histo-cytopathology, in particular instruments and consumables for the preparation of histological (human or animal tissue) and cytological (cells) slides.
Diapath’s main objectives are aimed to supply doctors and technicians of histo-cytopathology laboratories with high quality products and offer a competent support for the entire shelf life of its products.
The institution of a certified quality system, according to the most modern international standards (UNI CEI EN ISO 13485:2012 e UNI EN ISO 9001:2008) guarantees the maintenance of an excellent position into the market and a continuous increase of products and services quality offered to customers.
The system is set up to ensure professionalism, reliability and safety in each manufacturing phase from achievement to distribution, from product order to its use by the costumer.
Consider people as the main company resource, sharing aims and responsibilities, ensures the best success of Diapath S.p.A. and of its collaborators in term of results and earnings proportionate to investments.
The constant accomplishment of preventive and corrective measures in manufacturing are signs of a company philosophy steered to achieving of mutual satisfaction with customers.


"Quality is the ensemble of proprieties and features of a product or service, which give to it the capacity to satisfy explicit or implicit demands."

The growth of competition and the opening of new markets brought to a new concept of company management based on satisfaction of the customer, of quality and of continuous improvement. The certification of a process guarantees to our customers that realization of services is done according to the highest quality standards.

To drive and make successfully operative an organization, it is necessary to lead it and keep it under control systematically and clearly. Success can come from actuation and updating of a management system projected to improve with continuity services according to everybody’s demand.

Management of an organization includes management for quality. Considering the reached results, our company wants to improve its position on market. Demands and suggestions of our customers are always welcome, because they are indispensable for further improvements. From this viewpoint we obtained Quality Certification according to the norm UNI ES ISO 9001:2008 which confirms commitment of Diapath S.p.A. towards the reaching of quality standards fixed by ISO rules.

Quality system certification doesn’t consist in the easy issue of a piece of paper but in setting of a machine, which has to move in perfect wavelength in each department of the Company.

To comply to the requirements of Legislative Decree of 8TH September 2000, n. 332 “Attuation of directive 98/79/CE concerning medical-in vitro diagnostic devices” Diapath S.p.A. has, also, obtained the certification according to the norm UNI CEI EN ISO 13485:2012 “Medical devices - Quality Management System – Requirements for regulation purposes.” We want to underline that according to the EDMA (European Diagnostic Manufacturers Association), the ISO 9001 certification has not the minimum requirements to assure compliance to a quality assurance system “suitable” for ex law requirements. UNI CEI EN ISO 13485:2012 certification is the most suitable reference to address the operative procedures concerning medical-diagnostic and medical diagnostic in vitro devices.

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