Canova embedding module



Canova embedding module

Packaging: 1 pc

Modular system

Attractive design

Greater comfort for the operator thanks to soft and rounded profiles

Fast paraffin melting in 3 hours (patented system)

Suction of harmful vapors thanks to integrated suction system, equipped with activated charcoal filter

Innovative heated grid plate to remove easily excesses of paraffin from cassettes

Heated forceps and tamper, both equipped with an innovative wear control system to guarantee high safety standards

LED light, with adjustable intensity

Dispensing of liquid paraffin by manual and/or foot pedal switch, with possibility to adjust the flow

Paraffin collecting drawer with disposable containers, made of plasticized paper


- Paraffin reservoir: 4 lt

- Molds warmer: over 300 well-organized standard molds

- Cassettes warmer: 150 well-organized standard cassettes

Temperature range:

- Temperature range for heated points: from +50°C to +70°C

- Temperature range for cold points: from -5°C to +5°C


- Digital and indipendent adjustment and display of all working temperatures (also for heated forceps and tamper);

- Weekly programming of switching on days and hours;

- Controls and manages periodic maintenances;


- The software alerts and requires the installation of the Maintenance Kit;


- Embedding module: 730x675x350 mm (WxDxH)

- Cold spot: 70x60 mm (WxD) - suitable for mega-cassettes too

- Hot plate: 380x205 mm (WXD)