Donatello Series 2



Donatello Series 2

[Tissue processor for tissues]
Packaging: 01 pc
Technical features

New Tissue Processor technologically improved to enhance lab routine and guarantee reliability, safety and best quality results for the user.



SelfCheck, Security auto-diagnostic system

Automatically diagnostic check on instrument hardware before starting processing. Check on mechanical parts and warning in case of instrument failure that allows a preventive intervention to protect specimens safety.


Using barcode reader, store all information present on processed cassettes printed with 2D barcode. Complete specimens tracking during their loading and unloading from the instrument. Integrated tracking of all operations and processing data.

Smart and intuitive software

User-friendly icon based software, with coloured touch screen for the quick and easy managing of the instrument.

LED active system

Reagent position with green LED to guide users during reagent changing steps.

Increased productivity

Donatello Series 2 optimizes productivity: up to 405 samples in conventional processing and thanks to FPS Technology (Fast Processing System) greatly reduces time for rapid small biopsies processing.

Safety in reagent exchange procedures

RFID (Radio frequency identification) to avoid mismatching human errors in reagent exchanges.

Bubbleling Technology

The ultimate combination by poweful jets and shooting air bubbles to mix reagents in the processing chamber. Bubbleling Technology, mixing the reagent, improves reagents penetration into the tissue samples in order to obtain the best tissue processing.

Green friendly

Tissue processing with validated protocols using solvent substitutes as Ottix.