Donatello Series 2 - Automatic Tissue Processor


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Automatic Tissue Processor Donatello Series 2

[Automatic Tissue Processor ]

Packaging: 01 pc
Technical features

Donatello Series 2 is the new automated Diapath tissue processor for histological samples designed to enhance lab routine and guarantee reliability, safety and best quality results for the user. Innovation, reliability and safety in processing. 

Tissue Processing in Anatomic Pathology laboratory is a fundamental and crucial phase. During this process, a series of conditions must be verifed that will irreversibly determine the adequate and suitable fixation/processing of the unique and unrepeatable surgical specimen. 



Donatello Series 2 is equipped with the innovative E.V.A. Emergency eVoluted Alghorithm, designed by Diapath. E.V.A. Intelligent virtual algorithm which, in the event of a mechanical blockage, performs operations in a totally automatic way aimed at solving problems without interrupting the processing in progress. E.V.A. is also equipped with communication skills thanks to the synthesis of a virtual voice that communicates verbally with the operator, actively supporting him during the use of the tool. Donatello Series 2 is also equipped with the innovative SelfCheck+ technology designed to reduce the incidence of adverse events during tissue processing. SelfCheck+ performs a deep check of the sensitive parts of the instrument and, in the event of a malfunction, notifies the user by allowing a preventive action for the safety of the sample.


Donatello Series 2 guarantees integrated tracking of all operations and processing data (protocols, users), tanks (replacement, batches), tissue processor (alarms).Thanks to the external barcode reader, it is possible to trace and integrate all the information on the barcode printed on the cassette for complete traceability of the sample.


Donatello Series 2 RFID system (Radio frequency identification) allows the recognition of reagent tanks, thus avoiding human error during their replacement. This procedure is incredibly faster and safer than manual replacement of reagents..


Donatello Series 2 optimizes productivity: with a capacity of 405 samples and thanks to the integrated fast processing FPS (Fast Processing System), the processing time of small biopsies is significantly reduced: these can be processed in less than an hour both with traditional reagents and with the Green alternative of Diapath, Ottix.


Donatello Series 2 performs an innovative reagent mixing procedure during reagent standstill into SPC, which assures the same gradient of concentration of the reagent in each point of the SPC.


Donatello Series 2 is equipped with a new user-friendly and icon-based software, for the quick and easy managing of the instrument. It also features LEDs for each tank position to guide the users during reagent changing steps.


Donatello Series 2 allows the processing of tissues by replacing toxic solvents with Green ones such as Ottix, patented Diapath reagent. The complete Ottix solution is composed by Ottix Plus and Ottix Shaper, specifically designed to replace both xylol and the alcoholic scale in processing and staining protocols in Anatomic Pathology. 


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