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We are looking for motivated and dynamic professionals willing to grow with us.


We are convinced that people are the highest value of a company and the engine of success. Innovation is in our DNA and we love change, when it serves to improve, always enhancing today's skills and paying attention to those of tomorrow.

If you join Diapath you will be able to grow every day in a positive, rewarding, organized, competitive environment, capable of offering excellent tools and relationships to those who express talent.

We are looking for talents

Location: Martinengo (BG)

Diapath is looking for a Field Service Support Engineer to become a member of the Head quarter’s Technical Service team. In this role, you will:

  • Provide response to customer service inquires,
  • meet with end users or distributors to help understand and troubleshoot technical issues,
  • troubleshoot service applications,
  • respond to support requests in accordance with an SLA,
  • continuously update and improve troubleshooting documentation,
  • maintain clear communications with internal team members and the business regarding feedback on incidents and inquiries,
  • help to handle and communicate emergency escalations for any critical issues reported,
  • work with the engineering team to capture steps to reproduce issues and improve instruments.


  • (1-2) years’ experience as a technical support engineer or similar role
  • A background with troubleshooting
  • Ability to provide independent analysis and problem solving
  • Strong communication skills
  • Hands on experience with operating systems, Office 365 and Windows programs.
  • Must be fluent in English language. Possession of multi lingual skills is an asset.
  • Flexible for working in international business trip (about 50% rate)


It will be considered preferred characteristics:

  • Living close to Martinengo (Bergamo area)
  • Having experience into IVD market
  • Previous experience into Anatomic Pathology field



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Location: Martinengo (BG)

Resource to be included in its staff with specialist and application functions in support of quality functions, validation and test laboratory, project team or product innovation, pre and post sales support.

We are looking for a person who has operational experience in a histology laboratory, who has therefore spent at least 1 year actively working in the process of transforming the histological tissue (From the acceptance of the histological samples to the assembly of the histological slide).

In addition to specific experience in the histological process and an essential passion for the subject, the candidate must be available to work abroad for short trips, be able to communicate in English, have a good predisposition to work in a team, be precise and ambitious.

After a first period in which we will carefully evaluate the preparation of the resource, a specific position will be proposed in one of the following departments / tasks:

  • Quality department / quality team member, product testing, complaints management
  • Labopath laboratory / laboratory scientist, product testing, new product validations
  • Innovation / application team or product specialist in support of customers or distributors for better management of pre-post sales Diapath products

We are looking for a figure to be included in a very short time indefinitely and who can bring the company its own wealth of experience and motivation, contributing to the growth and development of our products, the satisfaction of our customers and the value of our brand. The initial classification will be discussed and proposed on the basis of the previous professional path.

Send us your curriculum

Read the experiences of Martina, Cristina and Cristian.



Tender & Order Office

Age : 24 years old

I joined Diapath as a trainee in 2017 and today I manage the orders of the Italian sales department. I am very satisfied about my role.



Product Specialist

Age : 33 years old

I worked for six years as a Biomedical Scientist in a busy dermatopathology laboratory in London. After MSc in Cellular Pathology at Greenwich University I decided to join Diapath within the Innovation Team Dept.



Support Service Engineer

Age : 23 years old

I like my job, I joined Diapath as an apprentice and today I have a permanent contract. I deal with customer service all over the world.