Rotary microtomes for histological samples cutting

Cut like you have never done before.

Carefully cut each section for your final diagnosis. The rotary microtome is the most common instrument in a histology lab.
Diapath microtomes are automatic or semi-automatic, it means that the advancement of the block and speed of cutting are controlled by a foot pedal or a Remote Control. The new Diapath rotary microtomes line Galileo Series 2 is designed to meet requirements of precision, reliability and safety assuring the best performances in histological samples cutting.
Diapath Galileo Series 2 Rotary Microtomes can be easily adapted to the needs of the operator. Discover our compatible PRO System, the unique compact system that guarantees productivity and traceability.
Choose PRO System and increase your productivity. PRO System is the All-In-One solution that allows memorizing the position of trimming of all samples and recalling it at the appropriate time for cutting.
Discover our Rotary Microtome Galileo Series 2