Diapath S.p.A. wins the selection for the EIC Accelerator 2019

It’s from Martinengo the Company chosen for the European funding EIC Accelerator, a pilot project of the European Innovation Council which belongs to Horizon 2020 programme, the first largest program realized by EU for Research and Innovation.

It is an earmarked funding to support and promote the growth of SMEs during their development phase to promote the European global competitiveness focusing on three important “topics”: Scientific excellence, Industrial leadership and Challeges for the Society.

The selection both of the projects and the companies is harsh and rigid.

Comparing a total of 5.310 projects, 1.852 has passed the final selections and only 75 have been selected by the European Community for the funding with a rate selection of 1.4%.

Among the 75 companies, only 3 are Italian and just one comes from Lombardy: Diapath S.p.A.

Diapath Spa will benefit an European funding of 2 million of euro, as support for a total budget of about 4 million, for an innovative and revolutionary project regarding diagnostic in Anatomic Pathology, focusing on safe diagnosis and concerning the precision medicine.


In addition to the 100% recognition of the amount required by Diapath as funding, the European community has also made available to participate in the equity of Diapath with 5 million euro, as required by the blanded financing formula, where the potential regarding both project and company are particularly innovative.

During the preliminary step concerning the evaluation of the different financial opportunities promoted by the European Commission, Diapath has been supported by Confindustria Bergamo and Confindustria Lombardia.
Founded in 1997, Diapath moves its first step as distributor of reagents and medical instruments regarding Anatomic Pathology. In few years Diapath has changed, becoming an international brand leading the research and creating high-tech instrument highly appreciated by hospitals and private clinics thanks also to the new management arrangement including Vladimiro Bergamini as CEO, the COO Alberto Battistel, and a team of experts composed by Carmelo Lupo as Head of Innovation, Federica Bergamini as Marketing & Customer Service Manager, Paolo Danzi as Operations and Lean Management and Alessandra Bergamini as Export Area Manager.

Diapath Vision is to become the most innovative Brand worldwide for Anatomic Pathology investing each year more than the 8% of the revenue in Research & Development.

“We are satisfied and proud for this success. It represents a very high recognition for Diapath and for its project chosen by The European Commission through a very selective path which has ratified the value of our innovation, our reliability and our ability to achieve it, and the positive impact in terms of Economics and Society”.

Alberto Battistel, Diapath S.p.A. COO