Filing cabinet, 5 drawers



Filing cabinet, 5 drawers

Packaging: 01 pc

Storage system with drawers, for the storage of large quantities of blocks and slides.

Dimensions: 1150x850x700 mm (WxDxH)

Capacity: about 25000 blocks, about 90000 slides

High stocking capacity in a minimum space

White painted steel sheet

Locking system

Anti-overturning system that allows to open drawers one by one

Each drawer is placed on sliding rails with limit block

Total opening drawers

Two labels, protected by transparent film, on each drawer

Arrangement for wall fixing

Possibility to stack the containers inside each drawers, up to 72 containers per drawer (only for block storage)

  • ST 04XXXX Filing cabinet.pdf
  • ST 04XXXX Filing cabinet.pdf
  • ST 04XXXX Microteca.pdf
  • ST UK 04XXXX Filing cabinet.pdf