Safe Capsule - Red cap with marker


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SafeCapsule – Eosin Red Cap

Technical features

SafeCapsule is a line of products created by Diapath for the transportation and fixation of little surgery and biopsy samples in a complete safety way, replying to the European laws.

Thanks to its closed and patented system with its double screw cap (internal and external), SafeCapsule allows the complete safety for the operator, the patient and the sample.

The blue cap specimen cup with Formalin contains a buffered solution that allows to release easily the sample, avoiding any type of mechanical damage to the sample itself. The formalin is sealed in the red cap and will be released only when screwed above the blue one.
This will exclude in any way, in any moment, any exposure to formaldehyde’s vapours. SafeCapsule is the ideal product for every day work in department like endoscopy, urology, dermatology, gynaecology, oculistic, surgery and veterinary.