Donatello™ Series 2

Automatic tissue
processor for
histological samples

Designed to protect the unique and unrepeatable diagnostic sample
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Donatello, designed to protect the unique
and unrepeatable diagnostic sample.
The quality of the surgical specimen can heavily affect its unique innovative technologies, allows you to protect and improve the diagnosis.
For this, Diapath has created Donatello Series 2 for lifequality of operator and patient.
Donatello Series 2 exclusive features,
designed for you.
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Donatello Series 2, overview
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Ottix is Diapath’s patented solution consisting of two reagents that replace the complete alcohol scale and xylene. Through the application of protocols validated and used all over the world for more than ten years, Ottix allows for better results than traditional reagents, especially when used for processing


Donatello has two high performance activated carbon filters for the removal of compound hydrocarbons. The instrument has a suction point, with a dedicated filter, above the processing chamber.

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Donatello, thanks to its large processing chamber and its reagent mixing technology, allows to process up to 405 standard biocassettes with a single processing. With the dedicated basket, it is then possible to process up to 112 Slim Mega Cassettes and up to 56 Super Mega Cassettes with a single processing.


The FPS (Fast Processing System) is a system that allows the preheating of the reagent in a safe and homogeneous way before its actual use inside the processing chamber. The use of this technology allows for the processing of small biopsies (up to 1 mm thickness) in less than an hour.


34th Design Award 2021 World Ranking in the category “Medical Appliances”


Donatello Series 2 wins A’Design Award and Competition 2019 in “Scientific Instruments”

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Technical Data /
Regulatory Standards
Maximum cassette capacity
112 slim mega cassettes56 super mega cassettes405 standard cassettes
12 Reagent Tanks
12 tanks of 5 l each
Wax Cylinders
3 cylinders, 4.4-4.7 l each<
Maximum Processing Chamber Volume (Spc)
8 l
Reagent Management System (Rms)

Complete control of reagents and activated carbons

Specific Steam Treatment

Dedicated activated carbon filter with forced ventilation, also in the processing chamber

Diapath complete range of solution for Anatomic Pathology