Diapath EIC - 2nd badge achieved - CO2 REDUCTION

Everybody knows that climate change is real and Europe is taking its responsibilities by signing the Paris Agreement and implementing the European Green Deal, a programme which aim is to boost the efficient use of resources by moving to a clean, circular economy and stop climate change, revert biodiversity loss and cut pollution. 

This programme should lead the way for the EU to be climate neutral by 2050 and its purpose is to make SMEs part of the solution towards carbon neutrality.

The EIC GHG programme is a journey towards carbon neutrality, with a set of specific steps that SMEs will benefit from. 

Firstly, companies have to understand what’s behind the calculation in order to undertake the right actions. Secondly, the CO2-experts will guide EIC beneficiaries with several services such as webinars and a dedicated contact form.

The calculation is based on the internationally recognized method “GHG protocol”. This method considers that the emissions should be calculated over 1 entire fiscal year of the SME and should allow any SME to calculate its missions according to the following principles: relevance, completeness, consistency, accuracy and transparency.

The calculation proposed is based on two different factors:

- The activity data refers to data that are owned by the company for a specific emission source.

The emission factor translates the GHG emissions generated by a certain activity

It is possible to divide the services into three main categories:

Awareness. This first step will allow to have a clear explanation of why climate action will benefit an SME.

Calculate. This next step will allow the SME to calculate its own GHG emissions thanks to a tool especially tailored to SME’s specificities and the support of CO2 experts

Reduce. Based on the first baseline calculation, the SME will be informed on reduction opportunities and will learn how to communicate on climate related topics.

This will be a path to a better future.