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Pre-filled jar with GreenFix Plus



Pre-filled jar with GreenFix Plus

Packaging: 1 pc x 1 lt
Polypropylene jar with pressure cap; filling volume: about 50%

Glyoxal-based formalin fixative substitute.

-          Non-can erogenous and non-toxic

-          Preserves morphological and antigenic properties of the tissue due to the addition of preserving agents

-          Full compatible with other fixatives, whether used as a primary or secondary fixative

-          Better penetration of the glyoxal in the tissue without interfering in tissue process, owing to the presence of ethyl alcohol

-          Ready-to-use reagent

-          Compatible with all tissue processing and staining protocols

-          Suitable for immunohistochemical and molecular biology procedures

GreenFix Plus is ideal for entire organs and large surgical specimens.