T-Filler Automatic Formalin Dispenser and Thermal Sealer




Formalin Dispenser and thermal sealer

Technical features

Specific for sample handling, from the operating theatre to the Anatomic Pathology laboratory, ensuring complete safety for the operator. 

Formalin dispensing and film sealing take place in a hermetically sealed environment to ensure safety for both samples and operators. Patented system.

Fresh sample handling with the possibility of creating a modified protective atmosphere, which preservers its morphology prior to transfer into the fixative solution.

A single answer to the various needs of hospital wards as Operating Theatres, Anatiomic Pathologies and Risk Managers.   

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  • MU SDSCO1001 Formalin-Dosiereinheit T-Filler.pdf
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  • MU SDSCO1001 T-Filler.pdf
  • ST SDSCO1001 Automatic Formalin dispenser and sealer T-FILLER.pdf
  • ST SDSCO1001 Dispensatore automatico di formalina T-Filler.pdf