Ottix Plus tank 5lt



Tissue processor

[Subsitute of xylol aromatic hydrocarbons-free]

Packaging: 5 lt
Tank for Donatello Series 2
Technical features

Ottix Plus in a non-aromatic alcohols and solvents patented reagent, suitable in Anatomic Pathology as xylene substitute.

- Suitable for processing and staining procedures

- Its low toxicity avoids user risks to aromatic hydrocarbons

- Ottix Plus used in combination with Ottix Shaper has been designed to reduce step procedures during processing, only 7 steps (paraffin excluded)

- It assures suitables results during processing procedures even used in combination with alcoholic scale used in lab routine

- Ottix Plus is compatible with all kind of mounting media, limonene-based excluded

- Ottix Plus is compatible with all processors and stainers on the market