Zefiro ventilated hood 180



Zefiro ventilated hood 180

Packaging: 1 pc

Ventilated hoods designed to protect the operator from inhalation of harmful vapours, during the working.

-          Up-to-date modular ventilated hoods that, according to the chosen model, offer the perfect solution for each step of the workflow

-          Filter expiry date control by RFID technology

-          Efficient ventilation system to protect the operator from harmful vapours

-          Possibility to automatically manage: ventilation speed, facilities delay, shelves rinsing

-          Reliable and long-lasting due to the attention of the manufacturing materials

-          Equipped foot-pedal control for water control valve

-          Arrangement for DIGIpath ULTRA

-          Available work surfaces made of AISI 304 or AISI 316 stainless steel

The RFID technology is a patented electronic control system able to detect and save filtering battery expiry date to ensure safe working conditions.