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DIAPATH KNOWLEDGE ACADEMY offers educational sessions on issues that allow the immediate applicability of the contents in the daily routine. The webinar agenda is dedicated to: ● Lab technicians● Anatomic pathology professionals● Anatomopathologists
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Presented by:Antonella Savio Besides patients safety, around which all histopathology activities are centered, staff safety is crucial in our departments, where exposure to chemical and biological hazards is constant. It is important to know about the chemicals we deal with in our daily work. Understanding the labels can help identifying the more hazardous chemicals, what the risks are and how to avoid them. This webinar will provide familiarity with the symbols of the CLP (classification, labelling and packaging) system, internationally adopted since 2018 . The environmental safety can be safeguarded with the reduction of toxics use by substitution and with the minimization and identification of those chemicals that can be disposed of safely in normal trash from other chemicals that must be placed in appropriate containers to be picked up by safety services.
Presented by:Maria Chiara Giangaré Diapath, in partnership with Sanova, attended the congress and presented Cristallo, the Innovative Liquid coverslipping technology, in the "Meet the expert" section on April 9th.  Cristallo is an ultra-clear and xylene-free liquid polymer with the addition of smart ingredients, developed as an alternative solution to common slide mounting procedures. 
Presented by:Antonella Savio Immunohistochemical stains play an important role in identifying the more appropriate diagnosis and directing therapeutic choices. This webinar focuses on the importance of ways to guarantee a constant internal quality control. National external quality programmes have been organised in some countries, but it is also possible to build up a system for external quality assessment through a collaboration between different departments.
Presented by:Antonella Savio High-quality diagnostics starts with high-quality tissue specimens. This webinar analyses in detail the procedures of the preanalytical phase from specimens grossing to slides labeling with a view to guarantee a quality specimen suitable for any further assessment in times of precision medicine.
Presented by:Antonella Savio Quality general concepts are explained in this webinar together with the strategies to be put in place in order to pursue continuous improvement in histopathology departments. Special attention is given to receipt of specimens and traceability.
Presented by:Antonella Savio This webinar gives an insight into the new roles and career pathways that have opened up in recent years for biomedical scientists in the UK. The staff workers of the Histopathology Department of the Royal Marsden Hospital, a NHS oncological hospital in central London, tell us directly about their experiences and plans for the future.The staff workers of the Histopathology Department of the Royal Marsden Hospital, a NHS oncology centre in central London, tell us directly about their experiences and plans for the future.